LG UltraWide™  Festival?

LG UltraWide™ Festival is an online festival reflecting
LG UltraWide monitor’s desire to make your digital life
wider, more fun, and more convenient.
The festival supports your digital life dreams
with a new theme every time.
It started with our LG UltraWide™ Festival 2015 – dream
setup where 3 tech youtubers helped 3 contestants to
have their dream computer setup made into a
full-fledged reality!
This year, with the 21:9 UltraWide’s expansive canvas as a
stage, our new festival begins.
See the LG UltraWide™ Festival 2015 Dream Setup

LG UltraWide™ Festival 2016 Dream Canvas

LG’s second UltraWide™ Festival is geared specifically
toward you passion-filled creatives.
The 21:9 UltraWide canvas is way wider than previous
16:9 monitors, so fill it with the best work of your dreams.
14 finalists will be awarded with the very latest
LG UltraWide 38” IPS largest monitor 38UC99,
and on top of that the final winner will also get a creator
workstation (desk-setup) worth $10,000 as the prize! Yeap,
$10,000 worth!
And your name and work will be posted on the dream
canvas campaign’s official website, along with social
What’s more, the final winner’s work will be showcased at
the LG monitor exhibition booth in the world’s biggest
consumer electronics show, CES, in Las Vegas 2017!
Wow, this festival offers an incredible opportunity!

Three creators will join the festival.
Let’s introduce these judges who have created their own world in their respective fields.
  • Jon BurgermanArtist & Illustrator
  • Mike KusGraphic Designer &
  • Dirk BakkerPhotography Artist


How To Apply

  • 1 Download the monitor source image.
  • 2 Create a 21:9 ratio image or photo, freely using the source as a motif.
  • 3 Upload the image to your social media with the campaign hashtags.
    (#LGUltraWideFestival, #DreamCanvas2016, #38UC99)
  • 4 Copy the link to the corresponding post.
  • 5 Submit your work post link at the Dream Canvas Campaign website.
Monitor Source
Apply Now

* Submission period has ended.

If you are chosen
as one of the 14 finalists

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a 38” UltraWide Monitor 38UC99!
And now you’re one of the 14 finalists who will be given
a special opportunity. The mission for the Final Round is to
create an UltraWide Wallpaper that exactly fits the 38UC99.
We can’t wait to see your mind-boggling artwork
that will take us beyond anything we can imagine.
*Detailed mission tasks will be mailed to finalists separately.

Assessment Details


For 14 Finalists Brand new LG UltraWide Monitor, 38UC99 14 finalists will be awarded the largest world's first 38" IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitor. More Information
For Final Winner Creative Desk Setup worth $10,000.
Exposure of their artwork in the LG monitor exhibition booth at CES 2017.
Flight to CES and accommodations provided.
More about CES
Save the image below, and post it on
your Instagram with the campaign hashtags.
The winner will receive a 10K prize and will have the
opportunity to show her or his art piece at CES 2017!
Check out @ultrawide_fest and
www.ultrawidefestival.com for more details.
#LGUltraWideFestival #DreamCanvas2016 #38UC99


1Is there age limit for participants?
No, there is not. However, for the final winner, the person may not be able to attend our offline ceremony should he or she be restricted from travelling overseas.
2Can the information submitted through the application be changed after submittal?
The information cannot be changed once it has been submitted. If you like to change some of your information, you can simply reapply with the same e-mail account you used for the previous application. Should you reapply by using the same e-mail account, application with the information submitted most recently will be counted as valid version.
3I have not received an e-mail from LG for confirmation of receipt of my application after my submittal.
Sometimes, we find that our confirmation mail is sorted as spam. And for certain e-mail service, the mail goes straight into spam mail folder, and for others, it does not reach neither inbox nor spam mail folder due to particular settings of your account. If you did not receive our confirmation of receipt message, please contact us at [email protected].
4Are multiple applications acceptable?
In principle, multiple applications are permissible. However, when submitted using the same e-mail account you used for your previous application, application with the information submitted most recently will be counted as valid version.
5What are selection criteria?
The entire selection process is conducted under Inspirers’ discretions.
6Is there restriction against the people of certain nationality?
No, there is NO restriction on participants’ nationality. However, English will be the language used throughout the campaign.
7Who is responsible for the tax incurred from the giveaways?
All tax-related expenses of giveaway incurred in the process and parts of UltraWide Festival events are covered by LG Electronics.
8What is an original artwork?
Original artwork refers to an artwork created totally by the entrant. Entries must be your own creation work, due copyright issues.
9Is there any restriction against the submitted images?
The submissions made to the Dream Canvas campaign must be entrant's original artwork. Any form of plagiarism will lead to an invalidation of the prize. For further details, refer to the T&C on the Apply page.

Jon Burgerman is an award-winning, NYC-based artist
instigating improvisation and play through drawing and spectacle. He is a purveyor of doodles and is often
credited and referenced as the leading figure in the
popular ‘Doodle’ art style.

His artworks are collected worldwide by several
institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Commercial collaborations include work with Facebook, Samsung, Disney, Sesame Street, Nike, Puma, Samsung, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Levis, AOL, MTV and Rip Curl. Burgerman lectures about his practice at universities,
festivals and events all over the world.

Mike is a UK based designer specializing in Branding
& Communications, Graphic & Web Design, Illustration
& Photography. He has a worldwide client roster and
his work is regularly featured in design related
publications. Mike is also a regular speaker
at design & tech conferences.

As well as being a designer, Mike likes to take photographs and share them on Instagram. He has a following of around 750,000 people. He's worked on photography
projects for many brands, including Burberry, Land Rover, Red Bull, O2 and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

Dirk Bakker a.k.a @macenzo on Instagram is a
photographer living in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Having a history in graphic design made him love to
capture the ‘lines of the city’, and he defines his work
as PhotoGraphic.

He is one of the founding members of @SeeMyCity,
an international city marketing initiative based on
advanced and creative mobile photography and
social media. His work has been featured on many
websites around the world, such as Archilovers,
Architizer, Worldphoto, Businessinsider, Huffingtonpost
and ArchDaily.
Submission period has ended. Close
Finalists will be announced
October 20th Close
Final Winner will be announced
November 30th Close
An error occured, please summit again.
Submitted successfully.
We now announce our official position on the two issues regarding the announcement of the 15 Finalists.

1. Winner with a copyright violation

Among the winning artworks, we found, through a professional copyrights deliberative organization, that one of the artworks used the work of another person. This artwork has been excluded from the 15 Finalists because we take copyright violations that damage the value of other artists and their creativity very seriously. We would like to thank those who informed us of the infringement and the original copyright holder who provided us with the original copy. In order to ensure that an incident like this does not happen again in the future and to run a more strict copyrights deliberation test, we will extend the examination period for the Final Round.

2. Winners who did not follow the 21:9 ratio

We would like to thank everybody who participated in the LG UltraWide Festival by submitting their high quality works. One of the requirements for submission was that the artwork had to be in 21:9 ratio. However, a great portion of the submitted artworks did not follow the 21:9 ratio requirement. After much deliberation, we believed that it was best to acknowledge the hard work and creativity of all the artists who submitted their work for the festival and decided to not apply the ratio requirement.

For further concerns or questions regarding the LG UltraWide Festival, please contact us via [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.